For years this foundation has endeavored to return the United States of America to her people, fighting to defy the will of the political elite at every turn and restore this great republic to its founding principles. Today’s politicians are routinely cycled through the revolving door of corporate insiders and special interest lobbyists, where the few who are elected based on real merit are quickly seduced and corrupted by inescapable career incentives. As long as politics is treated as a career pursuit, our delegates will follow money and fame, leaving public service as an afterthought. The heart of this disorder is structural, and requires an all-encompassing solution. This foundation has high hopes for the future of American democracy, but power must be leveraged through mutual support on the ground.  

The people of this nation have been forced to sit back and watch as our global legitimacy as ‘a beacon of democracy’ slowly dissolves and our political power as sovereign citizens becomes ever-diluted. Not only is America lacking in symbolic guidance, but as the ruling class has hoarded power for profit and influence, sectors of education, infrastructure, and technology have suffered the consequences. No longer should our so-called representatives be allowed usurp power from their constituents to serve their own greed and ambition. The impressive power of this grassroots movement has the potential to revoke decades of encroachments inflicted upon the rights and liberties of ordinary Americans by the obstructing forces of global industry and wealth. 

It is long past time to cultivate a democracy of the people, by the people, for the people, and it begins with passing a constitutional amendment to impose term limits on the members of Congress. Returning to a true model of public servitude will imbue the work with principle, to cultivate diverse representation on a new degree, stimulate the policy forum with innovative ideas, empower the electorate, and rebuild the foundation of democracy.